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Are you being stalked? I can help evaluate the amount of danger you are in, and can provide very specific suggestions for increasing your safety, and for managing your situation.

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As a founding member and the current Vice President of AWARE (a volunteer, nonprofit organization), I have helped thousands of women learn to protect themselves from crimes ranging from minor harassment to serious assault. I am currently writing a book on safety for stalking victims. I have lectured at annual training meetings of the American Society of Law Enforcement Training, Women in Federal Law Enforcement, the International Women Police Association, the American Society of Criminology, and the American Women's Self-Defense Association. In 1997, the American Tactical Shooting Association gave me their annual Tactical Advocate Award for teaching and writing.

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Kinryu12/14/14101010Good answer, have been doing martial arts .....
marie11/30/13101010Thanks, Lyn, for all that very helpful .....
Anna10/25/12101010Thank you!
mary03/30/12101010Thanks for such a good answer and .....
mary03/16/12101010Thanks for such a complete and thorough .....

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2014-12-08 How many is too much?:

Kinryu,     Sorry it took me a while to answer your question.  I'm not a martial arts expert, but I do know a lot about self-defense, so I hope I can help you.  Most martial arts are sports, with levels

2014-04-15 assault:

Becca,    You can be very glad that your school offered a self-defense class, and that you took it.  Knowing how to spot or deter trouble is definitely helpful, and knowing how to fight if necessary can

2013-09-21 Self defense:

Marie,    Yes, a cellphone is a good deterrent.  While you are talking, or appear to be talking, a mugger is unlikely to take the chance of attacking you.     Your idea of bright, distinctive clothing

2013-09-19 Self defense:

Marie,    You are very smart to be concerned about your safety, on public transportation and when you are walking to and from it.  Pepper spray is a wonderful tool to have with you at all times.  If you

2013-05-27 Past Incident !:

Charles,    Thanks for asking about your situation.  Stalking laws differ state by state, so I can't say precisely what constitutes stalking in your state, but you can google to find out your law.  Usually


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