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I will try to answer questions about physically, technical, physiological aspects of hand-to-hand combat, weapons defense and offence, improvised weapons, tactical or situational defense and offence.

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Police, Bodyguards, Military and regular people that want to learn about this type of work.

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Jack08/23/13101010Thanks for the answer. I agree with .....
Jack08/23/13101010Oooh. Nasty. I do hope that you .....
Anna10/24/12101010Thank you!
nishant05/23/11101010VERY WELL ANSWER THANKS

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2013-08-23 Can aikido work against knife?:

"A BIT cruel" - OMG! its the MOST HORRIFIC,SADISTIC, 100% UNNECESSARY INDUSTRY ON EARTH!!!!  Its perpetuated by TRADITION, and COMPLACENCY and M O N E Y ! ! ! !  if the Meat and Dairy Industry were "Necessary"

2013-08-20 Can aikido work against knife?:

Hi Jack    its partially true.     most MA that train against the knife train slowly, and unrealistically. In reality, you are going to get cut in a knife fight! 100% no questions! Its not like you see

2011-09-03 Questions:

Paul, it's a good question. Your expectations are realistic which shows me that you speak with experience.     First kicks -- YES! kicks are great! We studied NOT to do anything "fancy" we never advocated

2011-05-23 Training for speed:

Nishant    There are some things you can do but realize that much of is heredity. Bruce Lee was like 130lbs with inherently fast twitch muscles to begin with - but he still trained and trained and trained

2011-03-25 Katana:

Michael    you are not giving me much to go on... If it's "authentic" it was made in Japan.    I think you need to talk to someone that deals with antiques, or a historian.    take a picture of the Kanji


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