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I can answer questions pertaining to personal safety, armed and unarmed self-defense, strategic and tactical planning and considerations having to do with real-world situations. I can also answer questions pertaining to children's safety and self-defense, and women's safety and self-defense. I DO NOT answer questions regarding aspects of oriental martial arts.

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Kukkiwon certified Black Belt, ETS certified self-defense instructor, NRA certified firearms instructor for state concealed carry permits, NRA qualified Distinguished Expert, Handgun; IDPA classified Expert, Stock Service Pistol Division; Instructor 1T4-8 (children's self-defense program); Instructor, Women's Self-Defense program; Instructor, Tactical Pistol Skills Development Seminar; Instructor, Introduction to Defensive Pistol competition.




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Bachelors and Masters degrees; various diplomas, certificats, and certifications in unarmed self-defense, defensive handgun, tactical rifle, defensive folding knife, and fixed blade fighting knife.

Awards and Honors

Numerous trophies, tactical pistol competition

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2014-05-13 Can military training be adapted for urban environments?:

Right.    It's hard to say what would be "sufficient." "Sufficient" is whatever works.    You are correct traditional oriental martial arts will be of limited value. The reason is that they were developed

2014-01-03 knockout game:

In Feb a Michigan man was the intended victim of the knock out game, but turned the tables and shot his attacker twice. State laws differ (and more important, the unwritten laws or "ethos" differs), but

2013-08-17 self defense dvd:

Well, my first answer would have been the Haganah F.I.G.H.T. dvd series, but apparently they are not offering that any longer.    You might try a krav dvd training video series. Can't say that one is better

2010-12-24 problems:

Kelly,    If it turned out well and you weren't harmed, you did the "right" thing. However, a lot of things could have gone wrong.    You need to think of self-defense in layers: 1) awareness and avoidance

2010-10-13 worthiness of martial arts:

Different martial arts have different objectives. Most of the Asian martial arts codify and lock into place a system that was effective for fighting at one time (and can be now), but which time has passed


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