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I can answer questions dealing with armed self defense, crime prevention issues, crime victim avoidance strategies both of a general nature and specifically for women, students and seniors. I can also answer questions regarding when the use of force in self defense might be justified. I can also answer questions regarding the use of non-lethal force options in self defense. I cannot answer questions regarding any martial arts techniques or bare hand fighting techniques.

Experience in the area

NRA instructor for Personal Protection in the Home and Refuse to be a Victim disciplines. Certified by the AZ Dept. of Public Safety as a Firearms Safety Instructor for AZ Concealed Weapons Permit Classes and AZ Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Training. Instructor in both Low Light Gunfighting and Close Range Gunfighting. Staff instructor for Suarez International. I have been instructing in Arizona professionally for the past 4 years. Certified by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners as a Crime Prevention Specialist


National Rifle Association, Life Member; International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners; Arizona Crime Prevention Association


NRA Instructor Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse to be a Victim program instructor. Certified Crime Prevention Specialist, International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP)

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to help educate people in strategies they can use in their day-to-day lives that can help them avoid being victimized by criminals.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Many people continue to live in denial, thinking that "they" could never be a victim of violent crime. In many cases, these people can be the most likely targets because they are unaware of their surroundings.

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2015-11-28 mace:

James,    The best stuff I have found is Fox Labs pepper spray.  It is the hottest, fastest acting stuff out there.  You can buy it in a keychain version or in a two ounce canister.  It is very reasonably

2010-11-17 Shotgun:

Hi,    Now I am in a somewhat difficult situation.  Based on what you have told me the "NRA Instructor" has told you, I have to respectfully disagree.    Based on my own personal experience, the information

2010-11-16 Shotgun:

Hi,    You might want to check with one of the gun dealers in your area and see if they actually might have a youth model in 20 gauge.  The Mossberg 500 Bantam would work for you.  The barrel is 22" long

2010-11-14 Shotgun:

Hi,    Sounds like  you have made a very good choice for a home defense shotgun.  It is definitely preferred to a handgun.    The Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge is what I would have recommended to you.  Go with

2010-10-13 worthiness of martial arts:

Nishant,    If you are interested in learning to fight in self defense, in my personal view I would recommend either Krav Maga or Systema.  I am personally a student of Krav Maga and find the techniques


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