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I am a Personal Trainer-Aerobics Instructor-Boot Camp Instructor in South East Florida. I can answer questions about finding your proper heart rate-the different types of Aerobic classes,proper workouts, interval training. Please do not ask me to design a training program for you-if you want a specific program designed for you-please sign up for online personal training from me.

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I have been a Group Exercise Instructor and Boot Camp Instructor both in major gyms and running my own outdoor Aerobic/Boot Camp classes at a local park.


Certified by:ACE-AFAA-IFFA-NESTA. Certified in: Personal Training-Nutrition-Aerobics-Senior Fitness-Womens Fitness Special Interest in combatting Childhood Obesity.

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Cameron08/09/14101010Thanks for taking the time to answer .....

Recent Answers from Bonnie Hardie

2012-07-20 Still out of shape:

Hi matt,  thank you for your question.  to be honest with you-I'm not sure why you are having little progress in your running.  It very well could be the medications that you are taking-since you seem

2012-06-06 Swimming:

Hi AJ,  For a pool workout-you can do the following:  Swim laps a variety of different ways:  regular stroke  back stroke  sidestroke   breast stroke.  You can also do the following exercises in the pool

2011-10-05 Science Project:

H Amon,  The answe is-It Depends upon the intensity of the activity-bth skateboarding and BMXing will elevate your heart rate-it just depends upon how fast you are going and how much energy you are expending

2011-10-01 Footwear/leg muscle build-up:

Hi Susie,  Thank you for your question.  You definiely need to invest in a good pair of dance shoes-a sporting good store should have some.  You could go into your local health food store/supplement store

2011-09-29 Fat loss:

Hi Adam,  Aerobic/Cardio exercises are the best for fat loss:running,cycling,using the stepper,elliptical,etc.  HIIT training is very good for increasing cardio strength.  Cycling and the elliptical are


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