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Many women struggle with losing weight and I was once one of those women. Now I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and I've spent many years researching the best way for women to get healthy, lose weight and maintain it. I hold a BS in Sports Management and Iím currently working on my MS in Health and Physical Education. I can answer any questions on women's fitness.

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Having struggled with weight all my life as well as many health problems such as Lupus and Crohnís disease Iíve researched all my adult life on how to lose weight and keep it off and how to stay healthy when you are sick. I have my own personal training company, KrisCross Training, and Iíve been helping men, women and children get healthy and stay healthy for years. Check out my website,, or my blog


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BS in Sports Management-Fitness and Nutrition Track-California University of PA Certified Health and Physical Education Teacher

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2016-09-04 mini trampoline:

Hi Sue,  Yes there are workouts you can do with the mini trampoline.  Did yours come with a video or any workouts with it?  If you are not getting your heart rate up then you need to change your workout

2015-03-31 Gaining weight despite exercise:

Hi Amanda,  I'm sorry to hear about your health issues.  There are a few things I would suggest.      First, I would talk to your doctor about the medications you are on.  With rheumatoid arthritis I would

2013-05-16 running hurts thyroid?:

Hi Andrea,   I don't want to contradict your nutritionist but a nutritionist should not be giving such medical advice.  You really need to talk to a medical doctor about that.  I believe what your nutritionist

2013-05-15 Difference between jogging & walking on incline.:

Hi Glenn,  I am really not that familiar with aerobic points but from what I've read it appears to be a formula to best guess your aerobic output and probably doesn't calculate your heart rate.  Is this

2013-03-29 Group Fitness Class Question:

Hi Caylith,  If you are concerned about injury then get to the class early or stay after and talk with the instructor.  Explain to him that you are concerned about injuries and your form and ask if he


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