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I have a Masters degree in Social Work. I can answer questions about relationships, communication skills, preparation for marriage and handling the issues of sick parents.

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Family relations, domestic violence and life skills training.


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2011-05-28 boyfriend struggles with maturity issues:

There is nothing you can do to change another person's behavior.  They have to change on their own.  You started living with him while knowing he is spoiled.  The time to move in with him is when he has

2011-05-22 Advice:

1.  My first idea is that most people would not bother to think this treatment is tolerable.  I wonder if there is a woman in your family(mom, grandma) who behaves the same way.  Often, when we grow up

2011-05-19 What should I do about my boyfriend's behavior?:

I've recieved several question about this issue and the answer remains the same.  There seems to be no love or respect in this relationship.  There is a distinct possibility that there never was.  If the

2011-04-23 bf troubles:

Sorry, you can't make someone change.  He will have to change himself, IF and when he wants to do so.  The best thing you can do, is avoid marrying someone who is not mature enough to handle the responsibilities

2011-04-23 does this count as abuse?:

Often abusers do show shame for their abuse when it first starts.  Then as they get comfortable with abusing a particular person, they stop being ashamed.  Also, abusers start with something simple like


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