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Can handle all questions pertaining to arguments/difference of opinion among friends, spouses, family, colleagues. The crux is to understand the causality and personality of the people involved in such a complex situation.

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Being the eldest child in the family and also one of the eldest in the immediate family, I am a very popular person. About 15 years of work experience has also made me an expert on how to juggle with family and work life in a more balanced manner.


I am an expert on Indian Culture and Inlaw Relationship at


Masters in Business Administration

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Communication is the key, but words can make or marr a relationship forever!

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2017-03-06 Mom involving me in divorse and other stress:

Hello Megan,    Sincere apologies for the late reply. You are an adult now with your own life and that means you have your own problems and issues to sort out. You cannot bear her burden. You can be a

2017-01-30 arguement style and men:

Hello Lys,    By any chance are you using words like 'forever' or 'always' when you point out a simple thing that he's ignored? If yes, just put those words at the back of your vocabulary. He knows he's

2016-06-30 argument:

Hello Tatjana    I'm very sorry for this delay in replying to you. I hope things are smooth now and he's taken a firm decision. He's emotional and you know the reason why. He cannot handle any harsh thing

2016-06-24 parents:

Hi Rose,    Am sorry for the delay in replying to you and hope didn't put you in jeopardy over this decision. Your mom doesn't mean any harm and she's fully aware that it's a painful procedure. As you

2016-05-29 Help asap:

Hi Trey,    Am sorry for the delay in replying, if you say anything which sounds extraordinary she'll find it hard to believe you. If you do something that you have never done before, it'll raise alarm


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How to Work Out Arguments With a Loved One

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