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I am happy to answer questions about beer, beer styles, and home brewing of beer. I`m not interested in talking about how to drink a lot of beer at once.

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I am an award-winning homebrewer and hold a Beer Judge Certification Program rank of National. I have been brewing beer and mead for over 15 years.


Zymurgy, Brewing Techniques

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bud06/27/12101010Thank you Spencer
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2013-05-13 brew:

Regular apple juice often has preservatives that will prevent fermentation. Check the label. When you say "bread", do you mean "bread yeast?" While bread yeast will ferment and produce alcohol, it will

2012-06-27 Low purine beers?:

This is really outside my area of expertise, at least as far as the gout/purine connection is concerned. Nor do I have data on purine levels in beers.     Most beer does not contain wheat, and it is usually

2012-03-15 Zumba Beer & Ale:

Best I can tell, it's not real. If it is real, Google doesn't know about it. I got excited when I typed in zumba cerveza (based on the title of the Amazon page for the clock) and Google suggested

2011-08-30 beer:

Yes, it can. In fact, whiskey is basically distilled beer. Except that the "beer" is made without any hops and the liquid is not separated from the grain until after fermentation has finished.    In Germany

2011-06-09 Labeling my Beer Style:

Both Spaten Pils and Heineken are in the broad class of "Continental Pilsners" (to distinguish them from beers such a Budweiser that also call themselves Pilsners). Other examples of beers in this general


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