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I've been homebrewing beer and mead for about 15 years. I've made beer trips to the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, and Belgium.

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I've brewed a couple of hundred all-grain beers and a few dozen meads. I'm a member of the Maltose Falcon's Homebrew Society, the oldest homebrew club in the US. I've attended the Homebrewers Fantasy Camp at American Brewers Guild. In real life I am Optical Effects Supervisor and Laboratory Supervisor for a large movie visual effects house in Hollywood. I've been a fireman, a teacher of English in Okinawa, a personal computer tutor. Other hobbies include orchid culture, koi keeping, photography, sausage making, pickling, and ham radio.

BS Zoology, UC Davis

Member, Society of Motion Picture/Television Engineers - Member, American Radio Relay League - Member, Quarter Century Wireless Assn. - President, Zen Nippon Airinkai, So Cal Chapter - Member, Maltose Falcons Homebrewing Society - Alumni, American Brewers' Guild

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

My proudest moment in brewing was during the announcement of the First Place winners of a major homebrew competition a few years back. The winner announced in category 1 was George Fix, category 2 was Chris Bushman. Sent a shiver down my spine!

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Recent Answers from Chris Bushman

2011-02-23 Beer Stopped Fermenting?:

The neat thing about this hobby is you can learn as much or as little as you want. Lots of homebrewers that haven't learned very much can still make great beer.    Keep in mind that inexpensive hydrometers

2011-02-22 Beer Stopped Fermenting?:

Well Ken, the .020 drop in gravity overnight doesn't make sense unless one of the readings was bogus. Are you using a refractometer or a hydrometer?  If a hydrometer, are you compensating for temp? Most

2011-02-22 Beer Stopped Fermenting?:

Doesn't sound right, Ken.     How about the temperature?  Since it's an ale, the ideal temp is probably around 68 degrees. Is it colder than that now? Try raising the temp to, perhaps 72 degrees, if possible

2011-02-20 Czech Republic:

Your Czech friend knows what he's talking about, Leonard.  The Czech Republic has many incredible Pilsners.  Pilsner Urquel ("the original Pilsner") is a great example.  In watching the war between Anheuser

2010-09-18 Fermentation & Bottling:

Generally speaking, most normal beers should stop fermenting when the gravity is reduced by about 75% (considering only the numbers to the right of the decimal).  For your 1.046 beer, one would expect


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