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I will answer questions about the brewing of beer,it`s process flow,quality control,and raw materials used in the brewing process.Brewing calculations, recipe formulations,and solving of brewing,fermenting, storage and finishing problems,will also be answered

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41 years in the beer industry,with 20 years as Brewmaster;10 years as brewing Chemist

Education/Credentials chemistry.Brewmasters degree.Sensory training

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2015-06-15 Beer sourness:

from what you describe your wort is infected,and can happen at any point in the brewing process after boiling,including during,transfer or fermentation.The two most probable bacteria are Lactobacillus

2013-08-29 home brewing:

Hi Charles    this website should provide all your questions about home brewing,and how to get started    Most Lagers produced today are good lager

2012-09-21 Question:

From the pictures I don't see a problem.You don't want large bubbles,as the real active start of the fermentation gets going you will develop enough pressure to see CO2 bubbles going into the airlock.The

2012-09-17 Question:

Short answer:definitely no    Hops to be added at boiling,Bitterness most be known    Hops added as finishing bitterness must also be known    Addition at boiling ranges from 1 to 2 ounces/gallon,depending

2012-07-22 Is soy in beer and wine?:

Soy would only be found in beer,if it were used as part of the starch makeup to convert to sugar for fermentation purposes.I know Craft brewers and some Asian brewers have used soy.I am not aware of any


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