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I have been home brewing 21 years. I followed the traditional path from kit to extract to all grain and undoubtably experience all the typical problems. I can answer questions on home Brewing Techniques, all grain, partial mash and extract brews, formulating recipes, cloning commercial beers, kegging, bottling, home brew equipment, clarifying, trouble shooting beer and conducting tastings. I have brewed just about every style imaginable.

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I have home brewed for 21 years. I owned my own beer pub for 5 years. I lived in Munich, Germany for 3 years. I host a brew club at work with 10 member brewers as well a participate in another club with over 50 members. I have a all stainless steel single tier 15 gallon RIMS system.


American Home Brewer's Association Cane Island Alers home brew club Seismic Micro Brewers home brew club


MS in geology with experience in water chemistry. I have lived abroad and have been exposed to a number of beer drinking cultures.

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Russell07/07/14101010Thanks Keith. The reality is I cannot .....
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2014-02-05 Cider:

 Acid blend is a combination of tartaric, citric, and malic acids, and is only added to bring a depth of flavor to the finished cider or wine.    I don't know if you order stuff over the internet, but

2014-02-03 Cider:

Yes and yes.  You can puree them if you are using a glass carboy, or use a food grade 5 gallon bucket for your fruit additions.  Just drill a hole that will fit your airlock stem in the snap lock top.

2014-02-03 Cider:

Russell:  Here are some good tips:        Glad I could help.    I just made 5 gallons of cider and kegged it.  To my way of thinking Cider is one of the simplest beverages to make

2013-09-23 Grove Spot Beer in Miami:

Justin:    I am assuming that you will be in Miami?   The GroveSpot is probably not the cheapest place at which to get drunk.   They do have less expensive prices on beer during happy hour 4-8pm.  This

2013-09-13 startup questions:

Russell:    1) Correct.  The bucket with a tap comes in handy for use as your priming bucket.  You can then rack the fermented beer to that bucket, add in the priming sugar, mix and then attach your tube


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