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I have been a home brewing for about 20 years, been a member of the Chicago Beer Society, and designed a beer-tasting course and curriculum. I would love to encourage you along the road of beer appreciation as well as beer brewing.

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- 20 years of home brewing - designed (but never got a chance to teach) a beer tasting/appreciation course - years of research into the beer and brewing industries


The Chicago Beer Society


I am not sure I have any official credentials. I am an enthusiast who has helped a half-dozen friends, family and acquaintances start their own home-brewing operations. I have entered home-brewing contests, attended dozens of beer tastings and festivals, and have researched the beer and brewing industry extensively. I write well and I enjoy teaching and encouraging people in their passions.

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Recent Answers from Matt Dick

2013-07-12 Coors Light & Budweiser:

This is a site for brewing questions and this is more easily found by a quicker internet search.    Regardless,  this question was already answered by allexperts' Alan Ward:

2013-06-16 Cloudy during fermentation:

Cloudiness is pretty common and is usually not a problem. If you had a nice bubbling during fermentation then you're likely fine.    You probably didn't cool your wort fully before pitching the yeast.

2013-03-27 non alcoholic bottle carbonation:

Wow... interesting question.  There are three good options for carbonating your non-alcoholic beer.    1. For your Kraeusening method, reserve about 10% of the fermenting wort.  Keep it sealed and uncontaminated

2013-02-17 Gluten intolarence:

Hi Steph,    Are you looking to brew your own, or are you just looking for a good source for commercial gluten free beer?    I have to admit that from a purchasing standpoint, I can do no better than you

2013-01-31 Fermentation:

Hi Kelly,    I love the idea of your nut brown ale... I'm sure it'll turn out.    If you got bubbles when you first pitched, I'm guessing you do have some kind of leak through a seal other than your airlock


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