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Six Years Scoutmaster, Three years Cubmaster, three years WEBELOS Den Leader, Trainer for: Scoutmaster Fundamentals, WEBELOS Ldr Training, youth leader training. Wide variety of Scouting experiences to include WoodBadge.

Experience in the area

Credentials: - WoodBadge (SR51, elected Permanent Patrol Leader) - Scoutmaster Fundamentals (Council) - WoodBadge Staff (SR-394) - Scoutmaster Outdoor Training (Philmont) - Youth Protection (multiple) - International Program Course (Philmont) - Instructor at University of Scouting (1994-19990 - WEBELOS to Scout Transition - WEBELOS I - WEBELOS II - Youth Leader Training Course - Representative on Council International Committee - 18 Eagle Scouts in the last 8 years.

What do you like about this subject?

Scouting provides a mechanism for youth to grow and mature within a discrete set of ethical and moral standards described in the Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan. It represents a brotherhood that spans ethnic, religious, and racial boundaries and provides a framework for the development of leadership skills in youth that would otherwise not be given t

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Being a Scoutmaster has been been one of the most challenging and delightful experiences I have ever had. It is my hope to continue in this capacity for a number of years more. Being an Instructor at Woodbadge and a Scoutmaster for National Jamboree are two items I would still like to achieve. While both have been offered to me, the needs of

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Did you know that any registered Scout/Scouter can stay at Baden Powell House in London? Have you ever looked at using your State's Orienteering Society to work the Orienteering Merit Badge? Have you ever considered having your youth earn the Presidential Service awards (Silver and Gold)? Have you looked into State awards available for hiking/biking/canoeing?

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The issues of God, Girls, and Gays in Scouting have been a topic of significant conversation and controversy in the Boy Scouts of America program. The position of BSA has been clear on these topics for quite some time. While many do not agree with the BSA position there is little to be gained by addressing these issues in this forum. While I will respond to questions regarding the position

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2015-11-11 HWB Questions Scouting for boys:

The quote is from "The Chief's Last Message", found among his papers after his death.  The last message is contained in the back of a copy of "Scouting for Boys" that I have.  While I could quote from

2015-06-03 Scouts:

Baden Powell's book, "Scouting for Boys" has a number of areas where the importance of wood craft is cited, as well as specific chapters dealing with camp life, tracking, and wood craft.  Obviously, many

2011-07-07 Do we split up a Den because of a difficult parent?:

Its an unfortunate thing when parents forget what Scouting is about - the boys.  Remember what the mission of Scouting is and, most of the time, the approach to dealing with problems becomes much clearer

2011-02-24 den leader:

I'm very sorry to hear about the issues with your son's den.  Its unfortunate that, sometimes, people forget that when they take a leadership position they are doing so for ALL the boys in the Den (or

2011-02-08 Question:

to the best of my knowledge, the answer is yes.  Back in the days of Explorer Posts, many such organizations served as charter partners and there are some that are doing the same for Venture Crews (I believe)


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