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Just about anything to do with scouting. I have been honored to recieve both the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver. I have been associated with Cub Scouting for about 16 years. I served 8 years as Cubmaster and 8 years as Committee Chairman. I was Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner for 1 year and Cub Scout Pack Commissioner for 2 years. I have served 15 years with Boy Scouting. Three years as Assistant Scoutmaster and then formed my own troop as Scoutmaster 12 years ago. I am also working as an adult advisor for the Order of the Arrow, which is the elite campers of Boy Scouts. I have ran several major events for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, including a Pinewood Derby, a Spring Camporee, a Fall Camporee, and 2 Klondike Derbys. In the 12 years since forming our troop I have had 22 Eagle Scouts.

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2016-06-14 reforming and reformatting a previous troop:

Congratulation on your success in the past, you have the blueprint to repeat them.      To answer your question, you have one big advantage to finding a church with a strong moral standard.  Because the

2015-11-11 HWB Questions Scouting for boys:

I am not sure if you are supposed to answer the question of if you want me to answer the question?    I am not sure what you mean by Please produce a report of ideal troop meeting.    Our troop meetings

2015-11-06 Scoutmaster Harassment:

The troop belongs to the Charter Organization and any personnel decisions rest with the Institutional Head.  Whatever the Institutional Head decides is what happens.  It sounds as if you have the COR on

2015-07-13 Charter Organization Letter:

A am sorry that it took so long to get back to you as I was in Indy at the beginning of the week and was at our scout camp all day yesterday.      The best form of paperwork to give them is the annual

2014-08-27 Removal of a Boy Scout:

Hi Jonna,    It is a little hard to answer your questions without knowing the severity of the charges...    1. Can a troop committee make an internal committee to spy on a single scout, keeping members


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