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I can help with any topic relating to pipe organs, Hammond organs, electronic organs, organ music, organ sheet music, music publishers and publishing, sheet music restoration. If you have a hardware or technical question, I can connect you to an organ builder or technician. Questions may be submitted in any language.




The American Organist, The Tracker, The Diapason, dozens of capsule biographies in music restorations.


Michael's Music Service: Michael Johnston and John Apple, 5 degrees and 50 years experience in organ music, church and concert.

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David12/09/15101010I will try to contact Ms. Leibert .....
Brian02/05/14101010Sound Advice. Thank you.
Debora williams08/23/11101010Thank you for your answer.

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2016-06-02 Recognize classical piece:

Hi. There are a number of places to put an mp3 that might be easy for you. If you use Facebook, for example, that would be easier than signing up with another site. is popular, for instance

2016-04-22 trying to find a particular song:

I've had this happen to me before. Sometime, somewhere, when you least expect it, it will come to you! At least it did to me.    There is a big difference between Tchaikovsky and Bach, so I am guessing

2015-12-05 dick leibert sheet music:

Back in 2008-9, Rosemary wanted royalties to restore Dick's music and had her son help with a letter explaining this. This removed the practicality of my involvement. The last I heard, his daughter was

2015-07-20 violin learning:

I did meet Ravi Shankar many years ago and he knew all kinds of music but started with and became famous for his knowledge and performance of ragas. The violin is not a traditional Indian instrument so

2013-03-11 who can i leave my classical music dvds to when i die:

DVDs are quickly on the way out, following CDs. A young music student who might appreciate them would be one choice ... or a music school library which would agree to circulate them among students would


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