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I am a choral conductor/keyboard player/singer who is completing a DMA in music education. I can answer questions regarding music education, music history, music theory, general education, and conducting.

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Finishing a Doctorate (all but dissertation) in music. Passed comps in 2003. Over 20 years successful teaching and performing experience in all styles.

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Sam04/18/15101010Awesome, thank you! Sorry to ask you .....
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2015-04-17 Ragtime and it's influence on Modern Music:

Hi Sam,    I know a great deal about Music Theory and Music History, but Ragtime is something that I don't have a great deal of foundation in. As a pianist, I can give you some thoughts that might help

2011-10-08 Songs to consider for college music supplement:

Hi Emily!     Good luck with your application and with your collegiate career! I'm thrilled that you will be singing in college. May it bring you the joy that it brought me!    "O mio babbino caro" by

2011-09-02 How to sing higher:

Hi Miguel!    You are in the same position that most of my male singers are at some point in their development! Take heart, there are some things that you can do...    First of all, any time that you feel

2011-08-25 Further explanation of the differences between Classical and Romantic melodic styles:

Hi Courtney,    This is an excellent question! You are obviously a person who thinks and reflects upon difficult issues. That's a sure sign of intelligence!    The most obvious difference between Classical

2011-06-22 Music History, Music Education:

Hi Sr. Adrian,    There are innumerable pieces that are uplifting and positive, humorous, thoughtful, philosophical, and praiseworthy. It would be difficult to list them in one place, but I will try to


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