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I can answer most questions about any kind of classical music but with special emphasis on the violin, it's, repertoire and technique. I can also help with orchestral and chamber music.

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I was a professional violinist in one of the London orchestras for 25 years I also coached chamber music and played in film and tv studios. My career encompassed 17th music to 20th century music, from symphonic through chamber music to opera,


L.R.A.M.(Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music) A.R.A.M.(Associate of ther Royal Academy of Music) A.R.C.M.(Associate of the Royal College of Music)

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Recent Answers from Stephen Levine

2016-10-28 Need help identifying a classical piece !:

Hi  As you correctly surmise, it is definitely a waltz from the Strauss period but so many composers were churning out these things that unless it's a really well known piece, it's extremely difficult

2016-08-08 Kindermusik:

HI  Kindermusik is a direct translation of Children's Music.I don't know anything about this. The nearest I can come to a classical version is "The Toy Symphony" by Leopold Mozart.  There is a website

2016-05-16 Bach interpretation:

For me it's in the particular piece. I wouldn't change a note of the solo violin partitas but certainly for instance the air in the 3rd orchestral suite demands some ornamentation on the repeats. Baroque

2015-07-10 social interaction of musicians:

Hi john   I studied at the RAM in London. I really don't remember students being officially labeled but the appointment of teacher by the institution really reflected what the "official "thinking was.

2015-02-20 Please explain:

I'm so sorry. I thought I had answered. Please accept my apologies.     I think the reason for the longevity of the great orchestras is essentially one of hundreds of years of tradition. Berlin, vienna


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