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I am an Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Instructor and I created and operate the website My primary area of expertise is in individual and family emergency and disaster preparedness. I also have knowledge in neighborhood and organizational emergency preparedness. Ask me questions about necessary steps to take to prepare your home,family, organization or neighborhood for a multitude of natural or man-made disasters, as each possible disaster has different preparatory steps.

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I have years of experience in disaster relief and search and rescue and belong to a couple of related organizations. I have taken numerous courses on the subject (some FEMA) and spent countless hours researching information on individual and family preparedness.



I have a large amount of real-life diaster preparedness experience. I teach a course on Personal Emergency Preparedness (which I created after hundreds of hours studying the subject). I have myself been directly affected numerous disasters including; hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornados, winter storms, and house fires.

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Recent Answers from Heather Taracka

2016-05-16 Natural disasters:

Hello Katie,  sorry this took so long to answer.   The disasters you listed do terrible damage and destruction to homes, property, infrastructure and natural habitats. So, are there any benefits to tornadoes?

2014-06-17 don't swim in the rain:

Hi Joyce,  lightning is not more likely to strike water, but due to the electrical conductivity of water, if you are in water when it strikes, you will most likely not survive.  Lightning usually hits

2014-06-13 don't swim in the rain:

Hi Joyce  thank you for being aware of safety matters and looking for answers after moving to a state that has a VERY different climate than the one you moved from!  Florida is well known for it's awesome

2014-05-12 weather:

Hi John  The best way to prepare for any major disaster is to prepare your home and family for the various disasters that may happen in the geographic location where you live.  Some areas may be prone

2011-05-25 tornados:

Hi Stephanie,  I am so sorry about all the tornadoes in the midwest and south.  I am glad your family is concerned about tornado plans.  You are very lucky to have a safe room in your home.  I don't know


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