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I can answer questions re: Feeding(keeping that body weight up) General Care, Safety, Behavior, Best Cages, Proper Toys, Dangers to Ferrets (ferret proofing your home), Play Area/Room Suggestions.

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I've raised ferrets very successfully for approximately twelve years. I usually kept three at a time. I presently have one. I've tried a variety of cages, habitats, toys, treats.


Highschool grad with some college.

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rachael 06/06/16101010Thank you for your help with my .....
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Merissa02/22/16101010Thank you for you time & answer!(:
Randall Ketron01/08/16101010Very thoughtful. Advice helped. Thanks.

Recent Answers from Janet Russek

2017-01-19 New born kits.:

Hello Carly,    I'm sorry, Carly, but I am not a vet and would certainly hate to give you any misinformation regarding the welfare concerning these new little fuzzies.  All I can offer is a hearty congratulations

2016-09-23 cinnamon poisonous to ferrets?:

Dear Claire,  Contact your vet.  Ferrets can not digest cereals in large amounts.  For now, try feeding him some canned pumpkin.  It will try to work out the cereal in his system.      Please let me know

2016-06-04 ferret breathing heavy:

Dear Sayra,    The symptoms you describe indicate to me that your ferret is very ill.  I am not a vet, so I'm not able to offer any medical advice.  When these little guys become ill, they tend to go down

2016-05-13 my ferret:

Hello Nita    The best advice I can give you is to take your little fuzzie to a vet.  Very dark or black stool is a red flag that something is definitely not right.  In addition,considering his age and

2016-04-25 Poop:

Dear Nia,    I am not a vet, but the picture you provided looks like some type of worm.  I may be wrong but this problem screams "Vet Visit."    If it were me, I would not delay.  These little fuzzies


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