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Christopher Hinton


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I can answer questions about kickboxing training and technique, workout routines, heavy bag training, general fitness, muscle toning, weight loss, and general diet advice. I am not able or qualified to answer medical questions or give medical advice, nor am I able to give detailed nutritional advice. I can answer questions about finding gyms and teachers, debunk myths and bad advice, answer questions about self-defense, violent confrontations, etc. I can also answer questions and give advice concerning general personal training with weights and other modalities. I may be able to field other questions that haven't been specifically mentioned, so please feel free to ask.

Experience in the area

In my youth, I studied various forms of martial arts including Shotokan, Shaolin Kempo, Sho Shou (Kenpo), and Kickboxing. I became a Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports Science Association in the mid '90's. I trained clients privately for years, mainly in weight lifting routines. In 2005, I opened up an upscale franchised gym called "L.A. Boxing", now called "UFC Gym". There I learned a bit of Muay Thai and Boxing by some of the world's best trainers and fighters. Recently, I created a Kickboxing Workout System utilizing the Heavy Bag for a total body workout. This system is sold internationally. I also operate my own Kickboxing Gym in South Carolina where I instruct group classes and provide private trainings.




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Bachelor of Science from the University of the State of New York, 1994. Certified Personal Trainer certification from the International Sports Science Association. Hands-on training from some of the world's leading experts in Kickboxing. Thousands of hours of self-study in exercise, kinesiology, martial arts, etc.

Past/Present Clients

Client information is kept confidential.

What do you like about this subject?

For kickboxing specifically, I like the fact that it gives you EVERYTHING you need in one simple workout:Muscle toning Fat loss Cardio health Athleticism Practical skill set Balance and coordination Endurance Flexibility Core Stress relief Shaking up your organs Builds confidence

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Kickboxing is a lifelong study. You never know everything. Many things that you DO know can still be improved upon. There is always a new angle or way to use a certain technique. There are new and innovative training strategies. And there is always something new to learn about the human body, science, nutrition, etc.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Kickboxing in the "air", meaning without striking a bag, a partner, or mitts is virtually worthless. Actually not "worthless", but far removed from what it should be. It develops bad habits, greatly limits muscle strengthening, can be bad for your joints, doesn't develop power, distancing, timing, nor a myriad of other useful benefits. Opt for the Zumba class instead; it'll be more fun.

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