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With my 22+ years of Radio Control, I can answer any questions relating to Giant scale,Aerobatic and Jet Aircraft.This includes single & twin engines, turbines, radio gear setup,batteries,etc.

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I have been in the RC hobby since 1988


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Did you know that most RC turbine engines burn JET-A kerosene and turn between 110,000 & 160,000 RPM,s.......

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2011-09-22 Regarding RC battery Setup:

Hello,         The battery selection for the receiver is based on the load of all the servos you could get by with the 2300, but if the 4600 is not much more in price or weight you should get the 4600

2011-05-05 skin repair on wing:

Hello,         what you can do is cut it out as square as possible and bevel the edgeson all 4 sides.Then cut your patch with bevled sides so it will fit almost flush..then glue in with CA or other glue

2010-07-19 Glow plug power?:

Hello, the problem is there isn't enough amperage in a watch battery to drive the glow plug.....         a AAA is probably the minimal size for your application. You could go to batteries plus        

2010-05-28 helicopter:

Zach, I need some more info.. what type or model brand do you have?    Try increasing the pitch of the blades if you have the option.. if not it sounds like the rotor  speed is not high enough, you have

2010-03-21 charging battery:

You will have to make sure the pack is discharged completely, then charging 2.5 to 3 hours should be a safe amount of time to charge the pack... if the pack is getting hot to touch reduce the length of


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