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I can answer most beginner questions about electrically and gas powered R/C model airplanes(except helicopters)that deals with problems in the air flying or even on takeoff using fundamentals and training methods. I can help explain most basic ground and flight school tips to help others gain more experience on how to fly R/C model airplanes. Iíve been flying for 11 years and taught over ten others to fly.

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Iíve been flying since 1998 and have experience flying all types of electrically and gas powered R/C model airplanes except helicopters. I have skills as an instructor to teach others to become confident R/C pilots. Iíve design homebuilt R/C airplanes and made many successful test flights. Iím actually a pilot for over 5 years and I understand the aerodynamic forces and have different training methods that I use to make flying easier and understandable for R/C pilots. Iíve helped over ten others to accomplish their goal flying R/C model airplanes.


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Michael03/03/12101010James - excellent, comprehensive, professional answer. Thank .....
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Hi Jeremy,          I wouldn't use tiki torch fuel as a alternate fuel for Rc engines which may cause internal engine damage. Nitro fuel is comprised of three parts: oil, methanol and nitro

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Hi Ryan,          I believe that Tower Hobbies have two models of the system 3000, 6XM 6-Channel FM Radios, one is computerized and the other is not. These are the part numbers for the cords for the system


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