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I can answer beginning, advanced and expert questions about electrically powered R/C model aircraft, and many questions about R/C model aircraft of all types, except helicopters. I`ve been building, flying and designing R/C model aircraft for 40 years.

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I have been building and flying radio controlled model aircraft since 1960. I'm the president of the Electric Flyers Only, Inc., located in southeasten Michigan. I'm a past president of the National Electric Aircraft Council. I'm vice-president of the Midwest R/C Society. I was president and main founder of the UFO (Union Lake Flying Organization). I've built and flown most types of model aircraft except helicopters.

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Recent Answers from Ken Myers

2016-02-19 FAA Drone registration:

Hi Len,    If you register TODAY, Feb. 19, the last day to do this and get your money back, your credit card will be charged $5 and then they'll credit it back to you on your bill.  Just got my credit

2016-02-18 FAA Drone registration:

Hi Len,    Sorry to say that our 'model aircraft' fall under the category of drones.  The AMA is still fighting it, but that is the way it is for now.  Register by the 19th and you'll get your money back

2016-02-03 Could my LiPo be damaged?:

Hi Bruce,    The pack could have been 'defective' from the beginning.  Some folks call that 'infant mortality', and some brands have higher rates of 'bad ones' from the beginning.  Usually they are the

2016-02-03 Could my LiPo be damaged?:

Hi Bruce,    Thanks for the praise. :-)    Unfortunately, Lithium Polymer batteries are somewhat unpredictable, and what you get is what you get.  I swear, I am not trying to be vague!    It does appear

2016-01-27 Is my LiPo swollen?:

Hi Bruce,    It appears to be a case of 'reversible' puffing, mentioned in the article.  I cannot confirm that it is safe, but personally, I'd probably still use it.  I'd be extremely cautious when and


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