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I have wide ranging knowledge of all the cue sports, with the exception of snooker. I can answer most questions related to playing any of the standard games such as straight pool (14.1 continuous) eight-ball, nine-ball, one-pocket and 3-cushion billiards and the variations on these games. Questions welcomed regarding technique, strategy and rules, history of the sport, trick shots, the mental game, practice, practice drills, pool/billiards publications, and so on. I DO NOT DO CUE OR TABLE APPRAISALS OR IDENTIFICATION. See below.

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I have been a dedicated player of pool and 3-cushion Billiards for many years. I have given lessons professionally and have run and participated in too many tournaments to name, including professional events such as the U.S. Open. I am also a cue collector and student of all aspects of the game. Note: I was starting to get far too many questions about pool cue (and pool table) valuation and identification and will no longer take these questions, sorry. I am a player and historian of the sport and the heart of my expertise is not product comparison or appraisal.



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Tom03/29/17101010Very informative - thanks for the help
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2017-03-23 Cue ball scratch:

Hi Tom. There is no "wrong" or "right" here. The official rules of eight ball have varied significantly over the years, and even saying "official" is a bit of a misnomer, because there have been competing

2016-08-03 pool table:

Hi Joseph    This question and my answer is not really related at all to my pool expertise but just my Google-fu.    Northern Michigan is not a small area and searches need specificity so I used Traverse

2015-11-13 combination shots ( 3 or more balls):

Hi Gene.    From the perspective of authoritative rules which are often very different from what's played in the bar on the corner you need call nothing but the ball and the pocket. That's it. If the

2015-11-05 Other balls pocketed:

Hi Tod.    From the perspective of authoritative rules which are often very different from what's played in the bar on the corner it makes no difference whether another of the player's ball's (or an

2015-10-01 using the bridge:

Hi Owen.    In authoritative rules--both the World Standardized Rules and the Official Rules of the Billiard Congress of America--there is no restriction at all on placing your hand on the table when shooting


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