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All aspects of the game, strategy, runs, etc. Main focus is 8ball, 9ball, and straight pool. Pattern Play, 2-way shots, kicks, banks, throws, trick shots, shot selection, caroms, league play, safety play, and more. Don't ask me about cue's, manufacturers, how much a table is worth, etc. I just don't know.

Experience in the area

20 years playing pool


BCA, APA, and past amateur leagues/tours


Bachelors in Business Administration/Marketing

What do you like about this subject?

I have been playing pool for over 20 years and read about it any chance I get.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Win more tournaments and get my kids into tournaments.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Rules vary from place to place. Know the rules so you don't lose on a technicality.

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Mr B04/25/16101010Thanks for the short and sweet answer .....
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Recent Answers from Dan Werner

2015-06-22 Apa letter of approval:

Rule #32 under EQUIPMENT REGULATIONS as stated for the rules of the National tournament:  "In general, any piece of equipment designed specifically for pocket billiards, with the exeption of laser devices


time will depend on how many tables you have and length of races.  2 tables and race to 1 will probably take 3 hours.  Race to 3 will probably take closer to 5 hours.    Just use a regular 16-person tournament

2014-05-01 How much power does a referee have?:

Referee should have yielded to what player A stated.  Sounds like he knew it was a double hit and agreed it was a foul so it was a foul.    If he didn't agree that it was a foul and the ref couldn't make

2014-03-26 Shooting the wrong group in VNEA 8Ball:

Jason....THAT SUCKS!!!!    I don't play VNEA, but I play APA and a similar rule is true for APA.  If you shoot the wrong ball it SHOULD BE A FOUL AUTOMATICALLY!!!  But, their crappy rules allow for you

2014-01-11 cut throat rule clarification:

Since none of your balls were made yet, the scratch doesn't help you.  Since the other 2 didn't claim a group, then 1 of each of those gets spotted.  If one other player had claimed a group then only 1


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