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I have been a fan of the show since the premiere, watching each episode several times. Also I have read many of the books that started the series. My favorite characters are Max and Maria. I will try my darndest to answer all your questions, and if I don`t know, I`m a researcher...

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Recent Answers from Maeve MacDermod

2010-05-09 big fan:

ADREANNA.  hello there.  sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Pretty much you can find the box sets of Roswell DVDs many places.  I saw a season one and two combo pack on sale at SAMS the other

2009-10-04 song name:

Hi there, Mubin.  Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you.  After a bit of research (I don't have the season three DVD's yet) I believe I have found your answer.  The song you are looking for is

2009-02-25 song question:

Hi Savina.  The song that you are looking for is Zach Ziskin - Falling to Pieces.    Here is a link to a sample and a free download (i think, if this works!)

2008-11-28 Roswell Season 04:

Rasitha,    Unfortunately, Roswell was canceled by it's network and only aired until the end of it's third season in 2002.  As of now, I have heard no plans for continuances in more episodes or movies

2008-08-10 song question:

Well, it depends on which version you are looking for.  In Sexual Healing on the DVD's the song is from Last Days of April –"All Will Break”     If you are wondering about the show as it was released on


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