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I am happy to answer questions about interpersonal matters such as invitations, introductions, event planning and protocol.

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Social and Business Etiquette; International Protocol


Trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington

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Recent Answers from Jay Remer

2012-12-10 Chatty Co-Worker and Quiet Me:

Dear Mouse,  Thanks for asking these good questions.   1- If you feel the 'chatty one' is saying damaging remarks, share your opinion with her privately. If she gets it, she'll thank you. If she doesn't

2012-01-31 Proper Congratulations To Someone Making Substantially More Than Me:

Dear Kinda,  I do apologize for not answering this question sooner, but my email has been acting up. In any event, your instincts are spot on. You have a wonderful solution to your plans. I wish you well

2011-12-07 Letterhead Etiquette:

Dear Steve,  I recommend a front page which is used as the front page no matter how many pages the document is. All of the following pages can either be blank or have the information at the bottom of the

2011-09-22 writing a thank you letter:

Dear Melissa,  Thanks for asking this good question. Thank you notes or calls to as many people as possible is always a good idea as long as addresses or phone numbers are handy. Any thank you note needs

2011-02-04 Wanted: Invite to Annual Dinner:

Dear Linda,  Thanks for asking this great question. First of all, you are not responsible for anyone's embarrassment other than your own. I can understand the complexity of this situation could put everyone


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