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As a professional coach, trainer and author I am here to be of assistance in matters of Office and Business Etiquette. My company, Social and Business Graces provides individual or group training to better your presentation skills, verbal and written communication, office manners,social branding, and much more. How you present yourself in the business world is of great importance to your company as you are an extension of them. I will anser your questions for you to gain confidence by placing your best foot forward.

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I am a professional etiquette coach and trainer in all aspects of the business world.


Santa Monica Star newspaper,, OK! Magazine


I own Social and Business Graces, a training company based in the Midwest.

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2015-05-26 how to write letter:

Here are some thoughts:      I am expressing my sincere interest in the current open position as dishwasher for your Whitewood restaurant. I am a effective team player with a strong desire to learn quickly

2015-05-21 how to write letter:

Jeff:  Thank you for your questions.  Simply share your desire to proceed in the hiring process.  Reference the connection she and your sister have.  If you wish to send me something to review I am happy

2012-05-06 politics:

Lisa:    My advise is when you start a business you need to consider what will increase profits since that is the bottom line.  In this case, providing a shirt that can be sold to two different "sides"

2012-04-03 Introduction of former Senator:

Former governors continue to be The Honorable (Full Name).  Once an honorable, always an honorable, more or less.  But in spite of what you hear in the media, only a current governor is formally addressed

2012-02-26 promotion:

Nena:  Don't sit around and wait for your coworker to set the agenda. Right now you're reacting to what she does, instead of taking control of what you do.    State something verbal or written (not e-mail)


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