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I can help with recommendations for high school students interested in math / science oriented fields at the highly-selective universities.

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I have been interviewing high school students for MIT for 29 years, and keep on top of what other competitive universities are doing. My website provides a lot of information - read this first before asking a question, please.


I graduated MIT and so did my son.

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Recent Answers from Sue Kayton

2015-07-29 Where to go for college education:

I don't know which universities you are considering.  But make sure you go to a university that offers an accredited program in Aero/Astro, Aero, or Astro Engineering.      The University of Chicago is

2015-05-28 Pros and Cons for Community college & University:

Community college has MANY advantages.  Closer to home, much cheaper, usually smaller classes, usually better counseling.  But it has a disadvantage - they don't offer upper-division classes, and you will

2014-11-22 I NEED HELP:

Every school is different.  Contact your local universities and/or community colleges.  You can meet with an advisor who can review your transcript and tell you what classes you are missing.  You would

2014-06-23 What are my chances of getting into the colleges on my list?:

You have excellent grades and scores, and most colleges would be delighted to have you as a student.  However, there are THOUSANDS of other excellent students who are applying to these colleges with similar

2012-08-29 aeronautical:

Take lots of math and science classes.  Do hands-on work like repairing cars and bicycles, and take apart machinery to see how it works.    I am not familiar with colleges in UAE, so I cannot make any


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