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If it has to do with reenacting and is connected with the War of Secession, I can help. I am familiar with uniforms, food, tactics, “Authentic” you name it.

Experience in the area

I began reenacting before most of you were born (22 years) and became interested in the War in the 4th grade. Virginia used to teach a whole year on the War, I lived through the bicentennial and I am reincarnated. :-)


Reenactment groups, HPA, SCV.


North and South


Assisted editor Southorn Reenactor, consultant with several books and magazines. Even though I have a B/A I continue taking any class on the war that I can find.

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoyed the comradely, learning what they must have experienced, the heat, the cold the confusion of close battle. The one thing I have always argued is telling the public you’re honoring your fore fathers by reenacting. You can tell who has seen combatant and who has not. I did it to show the public the horror, honor and stupidity of war.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Because of medicial issues I had to quit now I waiting for some smart butt to reenact Veterans Homes.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Watching anyone reenact must be boring but one needs to open their minds, hearts and senses. Once you smell the gun powder, hear the noise all one needs to is close their eyes and it is 1863.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

So would you fight for your State or the National government? Would you do it today?

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2013-05-04 Drummer Boys in Reenactments:

If you need something more feel free to let me know.  The best example is the guy with the cannon he gets to come and go, park and do anything he please.  Gary.      Lee was purported to have said “…without

2010-06-28 World War II Trunk and belongings:

My first suggestion would be tracking down the soldier (owner); the next would be donating it to the World War II Memorial, http://www.wwiimemorial.com/; then  the D-Day Memorial,  http://www.dday.org/

2009-09-23 Horace Maynard,TN Attorney-General:

I am sorry all I know to do is “Goggle” Horace Maynard's role as attorney-general of Tennessee; I assume this is a home work assignment but if you have time you could contact the Tennessee AG office and

2009-07-03 World War 2 Re-enacting - Maryland:

I am afraid that is beyond my expertise as I a Civil War Specialist but I Goggled WW II reenacting and found this:    http://www.virginia.org/site/features.asp?featureid=167    http://www.atthefront.com/events

2009-04-03 civil war reenacting:

Hi, It is called galvanizing.  Yes you can even play both roles at the same event.  Some events where there are known to have shortages of yankees even require it.  But, son why would you ever want to


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