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My specialty is world coins from the 18th to 20th centuries, primarily non-US foreign coins and related areas such as errors and exonumia (tokens, medals, etc.). I can answer questions relating to identification, grading, selling, preservation and evaluation of such items. In addition to catalog value, I can give you the practical market value and trends for specific types of coins. I will also take questions regarding counterfeits (both modern and antique) and on how to identify them. I am NOT knowledgeable in paper money/banknotes, ancient or "shipwreck" coins. Thank you.

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Collector of world coins since early childhood. Access to a variety of auction records and reference material. You can also find me on Facebook.


A.S. in Psychology (2006), B.A. in Forensic Psychology (2008), M.A. in Forensic Psychology (2011).

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Recent Answers from Dmitry Livshits

2016-12-16 1887 gold sovereign 12mm:

Hi,  It appears to be a medalet, made of brass, rather than an actual coin. These are pretty common novelty pieces. Often they are gold colored, but the gold wears off revealing the darker metal beneath

2016-12-11 world war 1coins:

Hi,  The 1898 Prussia silver 5 mark coin (the big one) looks to be in fairly nice condition and worth in the $40 range as such. The 1909 Belgian silver 2 frank coin is worth around $10 in that condition

2016-10-25 Skilling coin:

Hi Julia,  This coin is not rare, but also not common in high grades like the one in your link. The coin is interesting. Actually, what the site says are "scratches" are actually just planchet flaws -

2016-10-03 Pope Paul IV commemorative coin:

Hi Bruce,  Papal commemorative medals can be pretty frustrating to research, even for professional numismatists. The reason being that the vast majority, including yours, were made by private banks and

2016-09-02 1861 1/2 penny:

Hi,  The overdate on both the 1/2 penny and penny coins of this year is rather subtle, with traces of an 8 beneath the 6. What you describe on this coin doesn't sound like that. Also, due to the condition


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