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Renowned technology and business copywriter as well as established specialist in British and French coins; of any period for British but post 1780-ish for French; and any denomination....Origins and history of British silver coins (crowns, halfcrowns and florins) primarily from the reign of Charles I onwards. Matters relating to their value, saleability, condition, desirability and related issues. Broadly speaking I am pretty clued-up on most European coins too. Not American coins at all.

Experience in the area

Passionately involved in British coins for over 15 years.


No organisational affiliations. ANA recently applied for, awaiting response.


Educated to Bachelor of Arts (with honours) degree level in English and European Literature.

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Recent Answers from barry cutts

2013-11-18 Cathedrale Notre-Dame de paris Edition 2008:

Hi Jamie, it's not actually a coin, it's just a commemorative medallion such as you might get in the gift shop at Notre Dame. You will see one here;,173830056,var

2013-10-25 Australian penny's:

Hi Adam, the picture is not very clear but it looks as it the grade has been overstated. Not as good as someone thinks. Low value, check out There's

2013-08-02 Churchill crown:

Hi Patrick, that just the way it goes. It's made from cupro-nickel and they can age like that.     They did produce a silver one for VIPs and you would know if you had that, it would be in a rather exquisite

2013-03-01 napoleon111 dix centimes coin:

Hi Big Dave, nothing unusual here; it's called inverse alignment (sometimes also known as 'up/down' alignment) and it is how French coins were minted at this time. So - no big value add there. The coin

2013-01-24 1798 Gold Spade Guinue:

Hi Terry, thanks for the question. You seem to be completely confident that the coin is genuine, so I guess you have heard that this is one of the most commonly counterfeited coins in England - this coin


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