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I can answer most questions about coin identification, grading and counterfeit detection. I can answer questions about US and Foreign coins & currency, ancient coins too.

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30 years experience as a collector and dealer in rare coins ANA Numismatic Scholar Owner of New England Coin Exchange I have been buying and selling coins in RI for over 30 years


Professional Coin Grading Service - PCGS National Guaranty Corporation - NGC American Numismatic Association - ANA


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Numismatic Scholar Certificate - American Numismatic Association BSEE - New England Institute of Electronics

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Recent Answers from David McConaghy

2016-10-10 One Canadian cent:

Hello,    I believe that Canada stopped making pennies in 2012 but you should ask someone who lives there.     From my understanding you can still use them in commerce but they are being phased out. The

2016-09-17 2005 buffalo quarter:

Hello,    It sounds like you are talking about the orientation of the images on the front and back relative to each other. US coins are made with coin alignment or coin orientation. This means if you hold

2016-08-21 what is it worth?:

Hello Eric,    Its difficult to give you a specific price without seeing the back of this coin. It looks like a replica of a Morgan dollar but it could be a 1 ounce silver round. I really need to see the

2016-07-29 Coins:

Hi Michelle,    It sounds like you have coins there worth 30 cents. Coins can be aligned in two ways. The two ways are "coin alignment" and "medal alignment".    US coins use the coin alignment. This means

2016-07-08 I got a penny the is different from the others:

Hello,    This is an interesting find.    First we would need to determine the weight so we can see if it could be an unplated zinc cent. The larger size makes me think its a replica made to look like


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