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US paper money is my hobby and passion.

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Over 20 years collection, trading and dealing in US paper currency


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Recent Answers from Greg Davis

2016-12-03 Miscut $1 Bill:

This note came from a sheet that was sold at the BEP.  It's a fake error... they cut it to make it look like an error hoping to sell it for more than the sheet was worth.     These fake errors typically

2016-07-31 Number of $1.00 bills:

Hi Julius,     This note is worth about 200.  It's called an inverted third printing (Serials and Seal)    Please let me know if you have any more questions and keep the images coming.     Kind regards

2016-05-06 Japanese internment camp money:

Well, the history is just that... the Japanese gov't printed this money to circulate in prison camps in the pacific theatre.     The money tends to have little value because it's rather common and isn't

2016-01-10 Error notes:

Hi Rae Ann,    I only got pictures for the $5.00 note.  Can you resend the pictures for the $50?  Errors are visual in nature so I'd need to see the images.     The $5.00 note is pretty cool... at first

2015-11-28 blue serial number 1935 and 1954 dollar:

Hi Frances,     99.99% of the time generic $1.00 notes from 1935 and 1957 are worth about 1.50 to 2.00 in circulated condition.  If your notes are uncirculated they can be worth slightly higher but not


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