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US paper money is my hobby and passion.

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Over 20 years collection, trading and dealing in US paper currency


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Bachelors, business major

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Recent Answers from Greg Davis

2015-09-28 2006 (five dollar note blue seal and serial numbers):

Hello,     This note left the BEP colored correctly and has either been chemically altered or left in the sun to fade the color away.  It's not going to be considered an error in the numismatic sense.

2013-09-07 UNCUT SHEET 32 $1 DOLLAR BILLS:

Hi Bob,     There really is no good way to smooth out a sheet.  Sometimes people press notes in a book press but that takes away character of the note.  A relatively modern sheet doesn't benefit from pressing

2013-07-11 bank note:

Hi Diana,     Depending on the exact condition the note is worth between $65 and $150.  The last example I know of selling brought $115.  If you are an eBay seller you should just throw it up there and

2013-07-10 $100 Federal Reserve Notes from the 50's:

Hi Chuck,    It appears the best notes are the ones you pictured.  I don't think the other notes would command a premium over face value.  The notes you show would be a best sold over eBay.  The reason

2013-07-01 1934a $10 light green seal san francisco:

Hi Mitch,     Your note is certainly worth the $10.00 face value.  The fact that the note seems bigger isn't much to worry about.  1/8th of an inch is not a large difference and I am sure your note is


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