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I can answer anything relating to modern US coins and paper currency and collecting it. I can also answer some questions about Israeli currency. Please do not ask me about ancient currencies, as this is outside my area of expertise.

Experience in the area

I have been an avid collector for many years, and while I specialize in US coinage, right now I am also focusing on silver bouillon. Silver is actually a better investment than gold, which is something a lot of people do not know!


Civil Air Patrol


Bachelor of Arts from Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2009.

Awards and Honors

General BIlly Mitchell Award - #48332

What do you like about this subject?

I love the history and the art. Every coin, every piece of currency has a story to tell.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to learn more every single day.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

To a collector, coins are often worth more than face value.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

If you look at paper money from around the world, I happen to think that the US has the ugliest. There's no real color, pizzazz, no nothing.

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2016-09-13 Reputable Dealer:

I don't have my Red Book handy, but those prices look high to me.  Honestly what some of my friends in the business have told me is to go on eBay and see what people are paying for a given coin.  Most

2016-05-13 $50 bill offset:

I personally like to hold onto any notes with errors on them, when finances allow.  That said, yours isn't a major error that's going to be worth hundreds or thousands.  I would say to spend it if you

2016-04-03 Jefferson nickel error:

There's really no such thing as a common error, but your case really stumps me.  I don't recall ever seeing anything like it, and can't even find anything with it.    That said, I'm not in a position to

2015-06-27 Silver colored penny:

I have actually heard of this, but am not too well read on steel cents after 1943.     I'm actually on vacation, so I don't have access to my books.  I did find a website that may be of some use.    http://coins

2015-04-19 Bicentennial Coin:

I apologize for it taking several hours to respond.  I wanted to look through my materials and sources.  About all that I can tell you is that this isn't a coin that was issued by the government.  In addition


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