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Numismatic professional with over 30 years experience can answer your questions about US coins, their values, how best to sell them and where to buy them. Interested in starting a collection? Find out which areas are undervalued and how to acquire those coins at the best price.

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Ex-Head Precious Metals trader for Deak-Perera International with 42 offices worldwide. Industry experience since 1978. Has worked co-operatively with US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint, Chamber of Mines of South Africa, World Gold Council and Platinum Guild International. Professioanl numismatist specializing in US Coins. Always buying collections, will travel if size of collection warrants. Website: www.AllCoins.US


PCGS, NGC, Rotary


Physician's Money Digest


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

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Paul Harris Fellow

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2017-01-31 2003 nickel p:

Double die error coins are rare.  Without inspecting the coin, I can not tell you what you have but a possibility is what is called a die shift.  This would cause only a small area to appear as if it is

2017-01-06 iraqi gold coin 1981:

Hi Marcel,    Wow, 7 years ago I wrote that!  I have to imagine that the info was retrieved from The Standard Catalog oh World Coins by Krause Publishing.    Not being able to read those  coins, I usually

2017-01-05 1978 silver colored penny:

Hi Ray,  Considering you coin is heavier, my guess is that you have a normal Cent that has been electroplated either with silver, or some other "silver" colored element.    An aluminum Cent would weigh

2016-11-06 Potential Error Coins?:

Hi Rudy,  Welcome to the hobby!  These are all minor errors.  If you look, you can probably find 1 error in every 10 coins like these.  Don't waste you time on those, instead look for doubling.  It could

2016-09-19 V Nickel 1903:

Most likely, the reverse has worn off.  I assume the front of the coin is well worn.     When a coin is struck, the obverse die and the reverse die strike the coin blank (planchet) simultaneously.  The


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