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My strong familiarity with all U.S. Mint coins, extensive reference library, and close relationships with many other dealers allows me to identify just about any coin made in the USA. I receive regular updates to all the current price guides -- both wholesale & retail -- to provide accurate values. So, with a good description or pictures, I should be able to identify and value any U.S. coin you have.

Experience in the area

I've been a coin dealer since the 1980's and a coin collector since the 1960's. I specialize in U.S. Silver Coins and have an active online website -- The Working Man's Rare Coins -- -- offering information and inventory in U.S. coins.

Organizations I belong to :
American Numismatic Association Member #187770
Michigan State Numismatic Society Member #8255
Florida United Numismatics Member #19710
Monroe Coin Club Treasurer
Lincoln Coin Club Board Member
WINS Member #14
CoinMasters Member #1814

Frequently Asked Questions :
I have created a Frequently Asked Questions page on my website, where you may be able to get an immediate answer to your question. You can find the page here :


BBA from Adrian College

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Two Headed Coins are not Real! They are privately manufactured novelty items, made by altering two normal coins and gluing the pieces back together. Use a magnifier and examine just inside the raised rim on both sides of the coin, looking for a seam where the pieces are joined, which can be on either side of the coin. These novelty coins sell regularly for a couple dollars.

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Recent Answers from Dan Moore

2017-04-01 Jefferson Nickel Error Coin - Clipped Planchet:

Hi Seth,    Thank you for the pictures.    There is a thing called the Blakesley effect that occurs on virtually every genuine clipped coin.  What it is, is a visible weakness to the strike on the opposite

2017-03-21 Washington quarter:

Hi Maria,    Thank you for the pictures.  While they were labeled "Front side" and "Back side", they were both the same picture of the back side.    So, from what I can see, it looks like the coin is just

2017-03-02 Silver Eagles:

Hi Bill,    Over the years, the mints that produced the silver eagles changed, between Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point.  However -- disregarding specially minted pieces that occured in different

2017-02-24 Silver Penny?:

Hi Theresa,    All pennies dated 1981 or older are composed of almost all copper, with a tiny bit a zinc mixed in.    All  pennies dated 1983 or newer are composed of almost all zinc, with a thin layer

2017-01-20 Old silver coin:

Hi Monica,    Thank you for the pictures.    This is not any kind of coin from the U.S. Mint.  It is something privately made -- some type of medal.  Check the edge for some kind of marking that may indicate


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