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I will be happy to answer questions related to applied economics. i.e. economics applied to small businesses and on our day to day existence.

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over 25 years of experience in economics, both as an academic and in the field.


Masters in Economics, Masters in Public Administration

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Claude09/22/16101010Thank you
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2016-12-20 Minimum Wage:

If you increase all wages by the same percentage the minimum wage went up, you may befueling inflation with a cost push. Indeed, supply and demand, if left to adjust to the new minimum wage, may end up

2016-12-19 Minimum Wage:

No, it will certainly raise everybody's who is making minimum wage and will be upped to the new minimum wage.  Not all wages will go up.  However, people may ask for a raise if someone with fewer qualifications

2016-12-19 Minimum Wage:

Thank you for your query. When minimum wage goes up, everybody making minimum wage sees his/her wages go up, thus, the impact on the cost of services and goods offered by each company, which goes up, and

2016-12-10 Curious:

Found this link easy reading for your first question:  I do not understand your second question, unless you are

2016-09-22 Database:

Thank you for you query.  you may try, another place would be a library and ask for historicals on the price of the malanga lila and sources.  You may


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