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I can answer questions regarding most areas of consumer and commercial finance. I have extensive experience regarding various types of loans (commercial, consumer, USDA, SBA 504, SBA 7A, foreign), many investment vehicles, credit, economics, and banking. I am not an expert regarding tax structures and other tax issues and thus would not recommend asking tax related questions

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Over 11 years Financial, Investigative, and Legal experience including loan review, due diligence, financial analysis, collections, and risk management. I have managed Credit Administration, Loan Administration, Credit Analysis, Credit Review, Liquidation Departments, Collections, and workouts


Both the Risk Management Association and the Bank Administration Institute.


I have obtained both my Credit Risk Certification from the Risk Management Association and a Loan Review Certification from the Bank Administration Institute.

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2010-12-29 IMF loan:

I would say there is a "physical" transfer of funds, because everything today is done electronically. Thus, no physical currency is exchanged, but instead, wired funds are transferred between bank accounts

2007-03-02 Economic:

The laws of exports and imports are completely dependent upon the agreements between the two countries; therefore, it can be different per country, per product, etc. However, most countries will not allow

2007-02-27 Differences between Mercantilist and Neo-Mercantilist theory.:

Mercantilism was originally developed by Adam Smith, who wrote the very famous economic work The Wealth of Nations. The original idea was that a country could become prosperous by exporting more goods

2007-02-21 Inflation:

This website limits the number of characters that I can use to answer your question, and quite frankly the answer to your question is debated and discussed at great length among some of the greatest minds

2007-02-08 econ:

Price elasticity of demand is basically the measure of how much buyers and sellers respond to changes in market conditions. Therefore, as different factors change, the price of a product, as well as the


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