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Basically a B.Sc (Physics) from the University of Madras, India. Started the career in production engineering under German and Italian experts. MBA in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad (India). Ph.D (Management) from the University of Bomaby (the first ever awarded in this subject). Headed the computer centres of Multi nationals; "Data Processing expert" of the Commonwealth, London (To implement World Bank and UNDP Computer softwares); "Consultant Adviser" to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Barbados. Associated with Nobel Laureate in Economic Science-1979, Arthur Lewis (Past President of CDB) & 4 more on his introduction. Visiting professor to many universities. A Trained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Auditor. Over 40 years of combined experience in Accounts, Computer Software, Economics, Engineering, Management, Science, Technology, Research & Development and Qulaity systems. Author of over 60 Application Research papers. Currently a free-lance consultant in ISO Quality Systems, Socio-Economic development acceleration, Innovative software designs. Can answer any question in Theoritical/Applied-economics with an in-depth and innovative dimension. I DO NOT ANSWER : 1. STATISTICAL data & analysis. 2. PRIVATE questions, as they do not appear for PUBLIC view & search 3. Examination & Project report oriented questions. Website

Experience in the area

Experience in the area Over 40 years in Industrial, Service and Economic development sectors. Socio-economic development oriented expertise (1982-86). With Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation, London as a "Data Processing Expert". With Caribbean Development Bank, Barbados (UNDP,World bank set up) as a "Cnsultant Adviser". See "" and "". National & International awards. R & D Author at and


Intellectual Consultants. A proprietory Research and Development unit under the theme "Innovation. Information & New Concepts"


See at &


See full details at (1) D.Litt in Computer Science - 1983. World University, USA. (2) Ph.D - 1975. First management doctorate awarded by the University of Bombay, India, after the inception of the subject. (3) MBA – 1966. IIM, Ahmedabad. India. First batch. 4) B.Sc - 1959. Physics. University of Madras, India

Awards and Honors

Biography is listed in International Who is Who of Intellectuals (UK), Men of Achievement ( UK ), Men of Distinguished Contributions (USA). National and International awards and Citations.

Past/Present Clients

See at

What do you like about this subject?

The foundation for the survival of the people in the world is Economics. Economics & Science are inter related. See the follwing links. 1) 2) Social Science Research Network at "" 3) Ideas&Research Papers in Economics at ""

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

(1) Development acceleration for the under developed/developing nations (2) Maintenance&upgrade of the developed status of developed nations & friendly coexistance(3) Promotion of Peace/Prosperity/Friendship among the nations (4) Reduction/erradication of Terrirosm, an output from the economic dissatisfaction.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

(A)Socioeconomic development is within the Domestic reach (B)These cannot be inducted by external agency(UN,World bank) or by rich nations(UK/USA) (C)Productivity should cover the Socioeconomic development components,than a mere quantum measure (D)Management decisions should be with reference to Socio-Economic development for Progress and Prosperity. See at ""

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

(A)Economic experts in the world are are theoritical (B) Application and implementation of economic thoughts and theories need on-the-field knowhow. (C) Nations take pride in being "Statistically Great" than having "Practically peaceful with satisfied population". (D) Economics in the current millennium have to be integrated with Manthematical and Computer tools for practicality.

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