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Can reply to tourism, appropriate behavior for visitors, the joys of Tunisia. Can not reply re politics/government of Tunisia

Experience in the area

Have visited more than 10 times. Have Tunisian friends.


RPCV, retired US Diplomat


Sarasota Herald Tribune, State Dept magazine



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adrian07/30/13101010thanks so much for your free input .....
Patricia07/08/09101010Very good, but too late answer.

Recent Answers from Joan McKniff

2013-07-26 french passport:

With the political situation in such flux, the best thing to do would be to call the Tunisian Embassy in London to get the most current rules. You might also want to ask if they might send you an email

2010-05-23 Trip to Tunisia:

dear louiza,     some of your questions are so broad i'd rec'd Lonely Planet guide to tunisia and for up to date weather as there are great variations: gray and misty in tunis and desert hot

2010-05-09 holidays:

Visa decisions are made on a case by case basis so there is no way to say yes or know. Usually an applicant has to prove/convince that he or she wants to simply visit England and has a reason to return

2009-12-07 booty shaking in african dance:

Hi, While Tunisia is part of the continent of Africa, it has a culture very different from sub-Sahara Africa.  When people say they are African American they are referring to a sub Saharan heritage. Tunisia

2009-10-10 Sandstorm In Tunisia:

Kristen, Of all the things I've done in Tunisia, giving birth in a tent in the desert, w or w/o a sandstorm, is not one of them!  My experience with sandstorms is a bit like a hurricane, w/o the eye, i


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