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Teri Davis Newman


I am a wedding and party planner in St. Louis, Missouri and I do weddings and parties all over the country! My brides are my number one priority as I understand how important their wedding day is to them! Any questions about catering and cooking for large groups. This would include recipes, cooking techniques, what to serve, how to prevent food poisoning, food storage and food integrity. I have thousands of recipes that are scaled for large groups and gatherings and will be happy to share them! If you are in need of professional assistance for helping you to plan your wedding, party or corporate event, please feel free to contact me! I do a limited amount of weddings and parties every year in order to make sure that I have the best service for my clientele. Feel free to visit my business website at this address: WWW.EXQUISITEEVENTSUSA.COM for detailed information on what services I offer. I have price point weddings for every budget--no matter what size and I am very specific about what you get for your hard-earned money.

Experience in the area

Catering and parties are a large part of the restaurant business. I do a lot of catering for local parties and weddings.
Graduate, Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo, Japan


Graduate, Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo, Japan

Past/Present Clients expert for 9 years, owner with 30 thousand original recipes on site.

What do you like about this subject?

I love working with brides. I hate seeing them overcharged and ripped off by people that don't care about them or their wedding! I always give them MORE than they thought they would get--I underpromise and overdeliver!!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I love planning weddings and parties. Nothing is better than my brides sending me their friends and family members because they loved what I did for their weddings and parties!

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There is no such thing as stomach flu, the symptoms usually called "Stomach Flu" are cases of mild food poisoning which can and should be prevented. Cruise ships and restaurants are notorious for this because they hire cheap illegal immigrant labor that have no conception of sanitation because their help was digging through garbage and eating it before they illegally entered the USA! UGH!!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I have chosen not to be rated as I am tired of ratings abuse from non-serious questions and I don't want serious questioners frightened off because of it! I will draw upon 30 years of party and entertaining experience to answer your questions and if you need more help you are welcome to ask another question.

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2016-10-04 Catering for 150:

My apologies for  the delay in getting back to you I have been traveling.   My recipe serves 30 to 35 you will need to make 5-6 batches of it, but it's pretty easy.  10 pounds new potatoes, boiled and

2016-10-02 Chicken salad:

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I've been traveling.  If the chicken salad sandwiches are the only substantial food you're serving at your appetizer buffet you need to prep 2 per person

2016-08-27 Cheesey hashbrown potatoes for 350 people.:

I did not get the attachment.  Here's a wonderful recipe that I've adjusted for 350:  "Cheesy and delicious, this hash brown casserole has a crunchy topping."  Ingredients  25 (2 pound) packages frozen

2016-07-25 Lasagna for 250 people recipe:

I'm afraid that without the recipe, I can't help you.  I have authored thousands of recipes and have no idea which recipe you are talking about.  I do know that there's NO possible way that you can make

2016-06-07 Birthday BBQ for 50:

You have WAY too much food and you are going to have a ton of leftovers and waste.  You have 12 gallons of ice cream for 50 people after a meal where if they consume 25% of the amount of food you have


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