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I will answer questions about resumes and how to do well on an interview. I am a former employment counselor and I have owned my own resume and career counseling business since 1982.

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I have over 24 years of experience in this field. One of my greatest achievements was being asked to serve on the Employment Services Committee of our local outreach. I also conduct workshops and am a guest speaker at many schools and for our local outreach.

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I enjoy empowering people to help themselves so that they may obtain employment that they enjoy.

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Kyung Min06/02/16101010Thank you for your advice.

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2017-01-25 smiling:

Hi Jane:    The issue here is how you come across during the interview.  If you are sincere, professional, and friendly, don't worry about how you are smiling.  You can't smile just to smile. A smile should

2017-01-21 Rescheduled job interviews:

Dear Kim:    I would email and just say that you were on Skype and tried to initiate the call at the correct time, but there was no reply.  Give the time and date you initiated the call.  Say that you

2016-10-08 Job Hunt.:

Dear Alison:    Sorry for the delay in answering.  This landed in spam.    What I hear you say is you are not passing the telephone interview.  This seems to be the main problem.  So, since I cannot actually

2016-10-02 Interview question:

Sorry for the delay in answering this.  It landed in spam.    I'd say something like:  I appear very calm and relaxed, but I have a tendency to take my work home with me, and not leave it at the office

2016-01-02 Cover Letters:

Dear Elizabeth:    Sorry for the extreme delay in answering this.  It landed in spam.    Yes, a cover letter should still be done and they are read.  With that said, there is no hard and fast rule how


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