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I will answer questions about resumes and how to do well on an interview. I am a former employment counselor and I have owned my own resume and career counseling business since 1982.

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I have over 24 years of experience in this field. One of my greatest achievements was being asked to serve on the Employment Services Committee of our local outreach. I also conduct workshops and am a guest speaker at many schools and for our local outreach.

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I enjoy empowering people to help themselves so that they may obtain employment that they enjoy.

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Kyung Min06/02/16101010Thank you for your advice.

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2016-10-08 Job Hunt.:

Dear Alison:    Sorry for the delay in answering.  This landed in spam.    What I hear you say is you are not passing the telephone interview.  This seems to be the main problem.  So, since I cannot actually

2016-10-02 Interview question:

Sorry for the delay in answering this.  It landed in spam.    I'd say something like:  I appear very calm and relaxed, but I have a tendency to take my work home with me, and not leave it at the office

2016-01-02 Cover Letters:

Dear Elizabeth:    Sorry for the extreme delay in answering this.  It landed in spam.    Yes, a cover letter should still be done and they are read.  With that said, there is no hard and fast rule how

2015-12-17 Multiple job offers:

Dear Kes:    It is usually expected that a candidate will take a bit of time to make a decision.  With that being said, you need to be enthusiastic and appreciative.  Ask for a specific amount of time

2015-06-16 other jobs:

No, don't do that.  That strategy always backfires.    it is assumed that if you are looking for a new position, you are probably interviewing in general.    The employer interprets that as you are trying


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