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Questions about the Adventist Church and it's history. Bible Related questions about our teachings.

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I've volunteered here before,enjoyed it, took a break for a while. Ready to get back in and help clarify the Adventist lifestyle. I am an Adventist pastor and have been since 1984.


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Theology degree from Southwestern Adventist.

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2015-05-17 Daniel:

I spelled his name wrong, sorry. It's Mervyn I believe. His brother Graham has a somewhat unique view of God's character. I'm sure Mervyn had some sympathy for his brothers view, I even asked him about

2015-05-16 Daniel:

There is a school of thought that says yes. Like prophecies in Matthew about the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The context makes it feel like a dual fulfillment prophecy, then and again at the end of time

2013-09-30 SDA eating habits:

Hi Rebecca,    The quick answer is no, there are no special foods that are tied to holidays for Adventists.    A couple of observations beyond that. I've seen a few Adventist families who like to remember

2013-05-15 church history:

Jones and Wagner were certainly studious and persistent in their teachings about Righteousness by Faith. And 1888 was certainly a valuable year for Adventist history.    When you say that the GC rejected

2012-12-17 mark of the beast:

I don't see a question here but I'll treat it like it is. I don't know any Adventist pastor who says that if you worship on Sunday that you are receiving the mark of the beast. Do you know one?     There


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