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Questions regarding Seventh-day Adventist doctrine and history, especially pertaining to Ellen G. White.

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26 years pastoral experience; edited two books on Seventh-day Adventist history; published articles on theology; published one book on Adventist doctrines and one on Ellen G. White


Pastor Warrensville Seventh-day Adventist Church


Ministry magazine


BA Theology, with minor in Biblical languages MA homiletics

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Graduated magna cum laude Distinguished preaching award

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Recent Answers from Kevin L. Morgan

2014-08-23 Hallo,:

Thanks for your question.    Since Satan appeared when "the sons of God" presented them before the LORD (Job. 1:6-8), and Satan was a leader of the angels (Rev. 12:7, 9), he must himself be an angel, and

2014-02-28 Predestination:

James, thank you for your question. In answer to your question, "How can people be lost in that scenario?" The answer is that the premise to the scenario--"If God knows us, we are destined for glory"--is

2013-12-30 Judgement who is in control:

Thank you, Mary, for writing. Because of the run-on nature of your sentences, I am at a bit of a loss to know where your question ends. It appears to be: "Isn't it wrong to be so judgmental about people

2013-11-03 Why SDAs dont wear crosses:

There are two reasons that I can think that Seventh-day Adventists do not wear crosses. The first is that the wearing of a cross is most generally seen as a sign of being a Roman Catholic. To wear one

2013-10-16 special resurrection:

Esso,    Thank you for your question. It has taken me several days to get to it because a family health crisis kept me from having time to research the matter.     In answering, let me say that the expositors


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