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David Alan Wright


I will do my best by the grace of God to answer any and all questions about Jesus Christ, God The Father, God The Spirit, the Bible, Christianity, Seventh-day Adventist church history, theology, and other teachings, as well as concerns regarding the origin of evil, why God allows suffering, why the Bible seems self-contradictory, what current events mean in the light of Bible prophecy, and last but not least, the divine plan of redemption.

Experience in the area

25 years as a SDA Christian layperson, with extensive study of and meditation upon the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White. I also have a budding, thoughtful interest in cosmology.


I am highly literate having graduated high school, having spent 4 years in the U.S. Air Force, and I love the Bible, the study of which expands the mind like no other science.

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