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Shona language, traditional foods, traditional medicine, music, sports, religion

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I was born and lived in Zimbabwe for 30 years. I have practical knowledge of the identified areas


Harvest Christian School, South Australia

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Angie10/09/06101010Thankyou walter for your answers. Much appreciated .....
Nicholas05/14/06Thank you very much for your thoughtful .....

Recent Answers from Walter Chatindiara

2010-05-08 starting a business in zimbabwe:

Hi    This is a bit out of my expertise, my expertise is in culture, language and tourism.    However, as rule of thumb, you have to decide whether you want to open a business or work because that will

2009-12-13 booty shaking in african dance:

I suggest you look on youtube some African traditional women dancing, show the class this clip(s) and then do it if you can copy the dance before the presentation. Look up Kwasa kwasa dance, which is a

2009-12-07 booty shaking in african dance:

My suggestion is you google African traditional dances. My expertise is on one particular African culture called Shona, so I can't give you an accurate picture of the whole culture. But, good luck with

2008-11-14 Project:

1) Music     a) Chimurenga music- this is an African music that make social and political comments on the situation in Zimbabwe. It is sung in Shona, which is Zimbabwe' main indigenous language.Search

2007-09-07 zimbabwe people:

Go to the web-site:    the above web-site is the Zimbabwean government's ministry of trade and industry web-site that should answer all your questions.    But, on the whole Zimbabwe


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