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Questions pertaining to the holistic treatment of thyroid disorders including nutrition and supplementation for Hashimoto's, hypo and hyper thyroidism. Questions relating to Lab tests and proper lab testing for thyroid conditions as well.

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As a functional medicine focused practitioner the majority of my practice has focused around Thyroid conditions. I help people to switch to less toxic medications through educating their prescribing physician, support thyroid function with diet/nutrition and natural supplementation as well as educate the patient on support for other systems effected by Thyroid disorders.


American Chiropractic Association


Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University in Sports Medicine Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from the National University of Health Sciences 100 Hour Acupuncture Certificate

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Best of the Fox Women's Health Center 2015

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Many patients come in to me having been on medications for years still feeling horrible from their condition but told they are "fine" based on lab testing. Other's come to me after having had their "thyroid checked many times over the years and it's normal" to find that many doctors are not properly running lab tests to determine if people have an auto immune attack to their thyroid or looking at more than just TSH levels which checks your pituitary function.

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2017-01-13 Thyroid nodules:

In short, Yes thyroid issues can present as pain in the neck and jaw, and are often overlooked symptoms of thyroid issues, obviously the disc could be contributing as well and I recommend further evaluation

2016-12-05 Thyroid antibodies?:

Your ranges are so far different than what we use here, so it is hard for me to make a real comparison. In my office, even if the person has some antibodies to their thyroid and they're sub clinical hypo

2016-12-04 Hyperthyroidism/Gurmar:

Renee, because I am not your personal physician and the person overseeing your care, I cannot make a recommendation on this issue. If you take the supplement into a pharmacist they should be able to look

2016-11-15 Nodules:

Many people have nodules without having cancer, many of the patients I have seen have nodules that have also been biopsied, with no result other than monitoring the nodules. The nodules can be from inflammation

2016-10-08 Treatment of underactive thyroid except for the medication:

My range for TSH for functional medicine is 1.3-2.0.     Aside from the physical activity, I would look into supporting your adrenal glands. They set the sleep and wake cycle, and typically are out of


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