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I have been a member of the church of Christ since I was baptized as a teenager. I am a faithful member who attends worship service on a regular basis. I teach a Sunday school class, present devotionals, as well as perform other duties in our congregation. I can answer questions regarding what the church of Christ believes and practices, and what God's word says regarding various topics. My answers are never my personal opinion, but are backed up and based upon what the Bible says regarding the subject. I welcome your questions and the opportunity to provide an answer based upon God's word.

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I have been a member of the church since I was baptized as a teenager. As a faithful member and teacher in the church, I draw upon a lifetime of experience in the church.


Free Bible correspondence course: email me at


B.A., University of Texas, Arlington. My degree is in Psychology.

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Sherhea Goff12/14/12101010Thank you so much for your advice .....
TJ04/21/11101010Dear brother David, Thank you very much .....
TJ04/19/11101010Dear brother David in Christ, Thanks alot .....
Ernie04/08/111010Thanks for your time.

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2012-12-14 remarriage:

Hello Sherhea,    Thank you for your question and the opportunity to answer it.    I will do my best to answer your question from God's Holy word as I understand it.    I am glad to hear you are seeking

2012-12-11 pls explain for me:

Hello charlies,    Thank you for your question and the opportunity to answer it.  Your question is one that many others have asked and I have often pondered in the past as well.  It is a good question

2011-04-11 Church of Christ doctrine on adultrey and remarriage after divorce:

Hello Fred,    Thank you for your question.    This is a controversial issue and it seems everyone has their own opinion when it comes to marriage, divorce, and remarriage.  I will answer your question

2011-04-06 Olivet Discourse:

Hello Ernie,    Thank you for your question.    The verses you quoted can be best understood if we examine the context in which Jesus spoke.  Matthew 24: 36 says, "But about that day or hour no one knows

2011-03-03 Depression:

Hello Kailee,    Thank you for your question.    This is just my personal opinion, but no, I don't think being depressed makes you a bad Christian.      Discouragement happens in life.  We all go through


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